Who we are. What we do.

  • We are resilient, but we know when to quit.

    We have a down-to-earth view and a sense of purpose that allow us to adapt when things change.

  • We are determined.

    We are biased toward action, exercise unwavering focus, and protect our boundaries from busyness.

  • We are optimists.

    We are relentlessly hopeful in our efforts to solve problems and help others achieve life-fulfilling aspirations that drive humanity forward.

  • We Execute Daily.

    We aim to complete our commitments daily while ensuring we are not busy and unavailable for what truly matters.

  • We Teach Everything We Know.

    We create valuable and straightforward solutions and offer them to at least one person weekly in the form of time, attention, money, effort, or energy.

  • We Appreciate People.

    We have a positive attitude. We start every engagement with a smile, and end it with a “thank you,” “my pleasure,” or “I’m happy to help.”

A different way of doing business.

We work with a limited number of clients.

We want to maintain a business that is worthy of your trust, so we focus on fewer clients and the betterment of their businesses.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you commit to executing and you do not get the results we planned for, your money will be returned.

We help others who cannot afford us for free.

We work with people who cannot afford to work with us. Share their name with us, and we will take care of them.

More details on how we can help.

No matter which solution you choose, you and your business will be our priority. Let’s see the differences between the primary solutions we offer for your business.

1. Custom Business Assessment

A 2-session coaching and 1-year online access, so you can work on your business without feeling overwhelmed with conflicting demands. 

2. Targeted Business Coaching

A 3-month joint effort, so we—yes, you and us—can work on big projects that will move your business forward. 

3. Fractional COOS* Support

A hands-on solution so you can sit and focus on your priorities while we implement the plan for you.

*Chief Of Other Stuff You Should Not Be Taking Care Of (Alone).

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You can expect to receive the following:
1. Custom Business
2. Targeted Business
3. Fractional COOS*
One-on-one targeted
support when you need it most.
Tackle the big stuff
three months at a time.
Transform your business
from the inside out.
10-minute assessment My Business Report
1 Session to review the assessment report
1 Session to review and update your current schedule or review your budget projections
1 Checklist of time-management recommendations or budget projections
12 meetings to check progress and implement together
Create or update your Business Mission Statement Package
Install a management and productivity system
Lead revenue meetings
Lead weekly all-staff and leadership meetings
Any other tailored solutions such as:
− Review your marketing structure and implement changes
− Evaluate your sales framework and implement changes
− Assess the profitability of your products and services
− Implement a financial cash flow system
− Anything you or your business may need
2 Sessions
3 Months
3-12 Months
$20,000 and up*
* We believe in value-based pricing. Don’t let any numbers prevent us from working together.

Other ways we can help.

If the primary solutions we offer are not what you are looking for, no worries. We offer other ways to help you get unbusy.

4. On-Demand Coaching

What is it? It is a 1-hr coaching session.

Who is it for? It is suited for people who only want to be helped on an on-demand basis 

What do I get? During our 1-hour session, we will discuss a topic of your choice so you can come away with something valuable. I will distribute my notes and a recording, and if you want me, I can follow up on your commitments.

5. Tailored Team Workshops

What is it? It is a 1-, 2-, or 3-day hands-on learning session that goes beyond just instruction, and it is tailored to your business needs.

Who is it for? It is great for businesses needing a refresher or introduction to new concepts in areas where they are struggling.

What do I get? During the workshop, participants will improve their understanding, confidence, and job performance by clarifying responsibilities and necessary skills.

6. Mastermind Groups

What is it? It is an intimate and collaborative group of 10 individuals who meet on a weekly basis.

Who is it for? It is suited for business owners and leaders who are open to learn, share ideas, provide support, and work together towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

What do I get? You will gain diverse perspectives, knowledge, and accountability weekly. Additionally, we will deepen connections and provide support monthly, with lunch!

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Be unbusy.
Lead unbusy.

Join our mission to reduce everyday busyness because we all deserve to experience the freedom of possibilities.