With one hour of free time
or a four-day workweek
I could learn to play the kazoo

and still increase the company’s profits by 200%.

Coaching and fractional COO services for busy businesses.

Free up

your time.

When business owners spend time trying to do everything all at once, their businesses suffer.

By using our proven systems and unusual solutions, business leaders can reclaim an hour a day or implement a 4-day workweek to focus on what generates profit and recharge to remain successful.

We are unbusybusiness.

Let’s get unbusy.

Busy isn’t a
badge of
honor. It’s a
profit killer.

We all have 24 hours in a day.
So why does yours seem only to have 17?

Unnecessary meetings, putting out fires, plowing through emails…

That sad seven-minute lunch is barely a break from the grind.

While you’re managing the chaos, you’re not focused on what will make a profit for your business. You’re not motivated to work with your team. You’re not taking the time to rest.

Let’s get unbusy.

How we can help.

1. Business Assessment

One-on-one targeted support when you need it most.

Our Custom Business Assessment is a 2-session coaching and 1-year online access, so you can work on your business without feeling overwhelmed with conflicting demands.

It is perfect for individuals who feel they are being constantly pulled in different directions.

In 2 sessions, you will have a clear plan that precisely explains the areas where your business needs you the most. You will own a simplified weekly calendar that allows you to work on what matters the most. And for one year, you will have access to an online library of business tools and knowledge.

2. Business Coaching

Tackle the big stuff three months at a time.

Our Targeted Business Coaching is a 3-month joint effort, so we—yes, you and us—can work on big projects that will move your business forward.

It is perfect for business owners and leaders who feel they never have time to work on their business.

In 3 months, you will have everything included in the Custom Business Assessment, plus you will get 12 weekly meetings and support to check on progress and implement solutions.

3. Fractional COOS*

Transform your business from the inside out.

Our Fractional COOS* Support is a 3-month hands-on solution so you can sit and focus on your priorities while we implement the plan for you.

*Chief Of Other Stuff You Should Not Be Taking Care Of.

It is perfect for business owners and leaders who need another set of hands to partner with on evolving their business.

In 3 months, we will lead and implement critical assignments from updating your business mission, installing a management system, leading critical business meetings, and anything in between.

Imagine the benefits of free time.

  • Find your flow state.

Most people are productive for about 4 hours a day but plan for 8 or more. (WTF.)

We will help you plan your day, so you can focus and produce better work while making the process fulfilling and fun.

  • Free yourself from the grind.

Nearly half of the people in leadership positions are frustrated at work.
(That’s freaking sad.)

We will help you retake control of your time to rekindle your love for what you do or just relax.

  • Make good money.

Only 65% of small businesses are profitable. (Shouldn’t it be more than that? Asking for a friend.)

We will help you focus on what will make money, so your business becomes part of that 65%.

Their words. Not ours.

“Hire Andrea only if you are serious about implementing change, because change will happen.”

Jo Skillman,
Creative Director at DECODE

“If you’re ready to transform your business to reach the potential you know it’s capable of achieving, Andrea is your person.”

Sean McNeeley,
Executive Director at Wunderman Thompson

“With her guidance and leadership, I am continuously applying all that Andrea has taught me to this day and am very thankful for her.”

Aparna D. Joshi,
Account Supervisor at Wunderman Thompson

Follow these three simple steps.

1. Daydream.

Close your eyes and imagine what you could do with an extra hour today. When you’re ready, open your eyes and click the yellow button to request a call from us. In that call you will share your dreams with us so we can plan and make them a reality.

2. Make it a reality.

We will contact you within 4 hours after you request a call. Then, using our combined skills and resources, we will create and implement a plan that works for your needs. With your commitment and our expertise, you will feel unbusy at no time.

3. Enjoy your free hour now.

Start experiencing the freedom and possibilities of being and leading unbusy. If you really want to learn to play the kazoo and still increase your business profit by 200%, guess what… you have the time now!

It is important to let you know that all our work starts with a self-assessment. This assessment is a free tool. It is called My Business Report. You can start right away by clicking here. You will get a customized plan to optimize your business that you can implement yourself or with our help.

Be unbusy.
Lead unbusy.

Join our mission to reduce everyday busyness because we all deserve to experience the freedom of possibilities.